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Legacy software is keeping your company trapped in the past. Reach the future faster with fully automated legacy modernization that delivers success every time.

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The Challenge:

Legacy Software Is Holding You Back

Outdated code is limiting your business and operations. But legacy modernization may seem like a monumental – and time-consuming – task. You need to make sure critical business logic is maintained. But how do you preserve quality while removing the risk of loss?

The numbers speak volumes:

of IT budget typically spent maintaining old legacy applications


reduction in maintenance spend after legacy modernization


increased developer productivity after legacy modernization

The Solution:

Reach the Future Faster.

Updraft’s team of legacy application modernization specialists will free you to reach the future faster. Powered by our fully automated modernization factory adapted to your unique needs, we deliver guaranteed solutions with unrivaled quality – while retaining the integrity of your code.

Full Automation

Updraft delivers 100% automation – not 20-30% like other solutions do. Our leading-edge solutions consistently increase quality and speed while reducing your costs.

Full Flexibility

We adapt to your requirements, not the other way around. This means making adjustments to our modernization factory, not your code. You can choose to deploy our technology on-prem, remotely, or in the cloud.

Full Confidence

We succeed where others fail – 100% of the time. Our experience, combined with rules-based legacy modernization, provides high-performing, accurate, and maintainable code.

Case Study

Legacy Modernization

A large US telecom operator had attempted several times to migrate their billing system from Mainframe COBOL to a Java-based Linux client/server system. Updraft modernized this large COBOL application while preserving its performance, architectural abstractions, and special constraints governing the interaction with upstream and downstream systems. The modernized system has been operating flawlessly since its deployment.

Achieve Business Goals at Every Level in Your Organization

Your code affects multiple stakeholders. Trust a partner that understands how to achieve objectives across the organization.


Modernization allows you to respond swiftly to market demands and achieve growth, faster.

IT Teams

Improve the efficiency of current systems with a clear, yet flexible, path to legacy modernization.

System Integrators

Realize transformation through a partner with 100% success – at a fixed price and with no cost surprises.

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