Services for System Integrators

Gain a Competitive Edge in Legacy Modernization Projects

Automating the legacy code modernization process with Updraft enables system integrators to be more cost-competitive in bidding on legacy code modernization projects. Updraft's customized automation allows projects to be done right the first time.

How We Help System Integrators

Pre-sales Support

We actively engage with a customer to qualify opportunities from a technical perspective allowing your sales teams to focus on the relationship and commercial aspects of the sales process. Updraft pre-sales support connects with you and your prospects to ensure each potential customer’s technical questions related to Updraft technology, services, and project-related requirements are properly addressed. The pre-sales representative is also your principal point of contact for any proof-of-concept activity required as part of the sales process.

Modernization and Deployment

Modernized application source code can be immediately deployed to open platforms and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and more without any further manual rework.  100% automation assures the highest level of quality and manages the unavoidable changes and course corrections during the legacy modernization journey.

How We Work with System Integrators

The graphic below outlines the steps taken during a legacy modernization project.

Become a Partner

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