100% Automated Digital Transformation Solutions

The Updraft modernization factory quickly and efficiently transforms your legacy code so it can be deployed on your chosen open systems or cloud platforms.

Legacy Modernization through the Updraft Modernization Factory

Our fully automated modernization factory Analyzes, Improves, and Migrates your legacy applications, creating new applications with identical functionality that run on open systems and in cloud environments.

Reduce Risk with Automation

Updraft's modernization factory removes the risk from your digital-transformation journey.

Manually migrating code to a new language or environment is tedious and complex. Our automated tools never get tired or lose focus. In addition to the unavoidable errors that even the best programmers introduce, change that almost always occurs during a modernization journey is a significant risk. Perhaps an architectural decision needs to be revisited mid-course, a chosen component proves sub-optimal and must be swapped out, or a business process isn’t carried out as planned. We can quickly and easily adjust our modernization factory to adapt to any required changes, and rerun the migration process. No manual effort is needed, regardless of the magnitude of the adjustment or how often course corrections occur.

Further, while your modernization journey progresses, work doesn’t have to be delayed or stopped, and your system will continue to be modernized while changes are being made. It’s no problem for our modernization factory. As the final step of transformation, any changes performed on the legacy code are fully incorporated, and our modernization factory will rerun the process one more time at the end.

How It Works

Discover how our modernization factory Analyzes, Improves, and Migrates your legacy applications to deliver high-quality, modernized applications.


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