Leading the Way in Legacy Modernization Automation

Updraft’s team of legacy application modernization specialists will free you to reach the future faster. Powered by our fully automated modernization factory adapted to your unique needs, we deliver guaranteed solutions with unrivaled quality – while retaining the integrity of your code.

Who we are

Born from innovation.

Updraft provides next-generation modernization solutions for legacy applications and digital transformations. We understand the challenges faced by market leaders – we were born out of one. We brought our first automated software development solutions to market at Motorola, where we proved our technology’s viability. We built on that momentum and opened our doors for business more than 12 years ago. Today, we continue to innovate, layering AI and big data techniques on top of our solutions.

What we do

We run lean and move quickly.

We adapt our modernization factory to your unique needs, supported by our modernization domain experts. We’re capable of handling millions of lines of code with flexible deployment options.

Why Updraft

We don’t just lead the way — we find the way.

Our rule-based modernization provides high-performing, correct and maintainable target code. We have no ongoing licenses fees or “hooks” once the job is done. We’ve repeatedly succeeded in modernization projects where others have failed.

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